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My web server is Terrible, sometimes I get mail, sometimes not.
If someone doesn't get a reply from me I haven't seen their email .
Calls are best as the machine is Always on, I may return calls after dark , when I come in, but
I ALWAYS return calls.  Thanks, Linda
Culbreth Domino Little Chief
 Amha A 221397 Amhr 329643 T
DOB 4/28/2014 Height is right at 30 in. Bay and White Pinto. regal attitude. I was impressed with his looks and purchased him as a new herd sire. Once he was here I realized he was just too small to breed to my mares without help. He has pasture bred my smaller mares and we have hand bred him to some of my taller girls. All appear to be in foal for early 2017 foals. He's easy to handle for anyone familiar with stallions but wont tolerate sight of another stallion. Our property isn't large enough to keep him out of sight of my senior stallion.
We need to place him and offer him for $950.
Pick Pockets Nestles Ms Kitkat
AMHR 304035A Dob 4/20/10  34 1/2 "
Sire Michigans Nestles Quick (HOF) 272096B
Dam Rockwood Farm Spirit Of Winona 201305B
"Pick Pockets Nestles Kit Kat" Amhr 304035A DOB 4/20/2010 34 " This mare has given me 2 bk/wh filly's by my leopard stallion both of which were small, and is now bred for a 2017 foal. The sire of the coming foal is a 30" Bay/White stallion that carries Buckeroo and L & D Scout. She's one of my boss mares but is easy enough to handle when caught.
She's being offered for $750.
Blue Chips Bruisers 5X A Lady
Dob 3/2/2004 Height 34" Cremello Mare
" Lady " is a Buckeroo grand daughter and has produced 5 foals for us all by the same stallion our appaloosa " Ace " , all different colors. Some have been solid, some leopards. She's been an easy mare to work with in all ways.mShe had a solid black colt this year and at this time is one of the mares we haven't bred back. We have kept 2 of her fillies, a solid palomino and a palomino leopard that she is pictured with.
She's priced at $1800
Dob 5/16/2015 Bay filly . Would sale on application.
While this filly is just starting to show dark spots she is out of two leopards and I expect her to continue to color out as she matures. Her dam is a palomino leopard, her Sire is my senior herd sire " Ace '. She had a rough start to life when she got tangled in web wire and suffered several cuts. She was also born with a curved nose that has corrected to the point that it is only apparent when her bite is checked. My Vet has said this was a positional defect while in gestation and not a genetic fault. But due to this she will need someone willing to stay on top of her dental work. I'm willing to work with someone that's interested in this girl but would require Vet reference's.




John and Linda Morton

4432 Morton Dr. Edgemoor, SC 29712

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