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Miniature Horses….

We all have our stories of how they came into our lives and mine is much the same.

I have a dear friend who had gotten into miniatures and had been trying to get me to visit and check them out. It was foaling season and she wanted to share her babies with me.


So not knowing what was ahead of me I set up a visit and when she put a week old miniature horse foal in my arms, I was hooked on them!

 My husband, with a smile, still blames her for my addiction to these beautiful animals.

It has been ten years and I am still in love with the Miniature Horse breed.


We offer horses in both registries (AMHA and AMHR) and in a wide range of colors.

Appaloosa's have always been my love so in the spring of 06 we decided to focus on breeding for appaloosa with our miniature horses, with this in mind we purchased “Six Gems Spots Bay Banner” a double registered bay appaloosa stallion. He has given us two fillies this year and we could not be happier with the quality he has produced.

If you have been thinking of adding one of these small horses to your farm and family, give us a call to schedule a visit. We represent our animals honestly to help insure your experience into miniatures is a positive one.

We look forward to sharing our horse's with you.




John and Linda Morton

4432 Morton Dr. Edgemoor, SC 29712

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 If you don't get a reply please try again or give us a call.




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